Ivview Terms of Service


  1) The user is registered in the website (www.ivview.com) that agree to the following website terms of service.


  2) The user must according to provisions of the procedures for registration of website registration become the member. The member can use the website to provide services.


  3) Users in the website should ensure correct registration information. May use the website operation own equipment only and shall not use the website to engage in illegal activities


  4) The user should ensure that the website account and monitoring equipment security. The equipment should avoid to use the default password. All the consequences of the website due to user password leaked or not timely change password does not bear any responsibility.


  5) Users in the website registration information only used for Web Service. Website shall not be transferred to any third party or used for any commercial purposes.


  6) About the services, content, monitoring equipment which supported and the changes of the services agreement in the IVVIEW website, please based on the latest announcements, without any other notice. If you do not agree with the changed content, the user can take the initiative to give up the available service. If you still want to use the website and service, it means that you agree with the changed terms of Service.


  7) Ivview software is for free. User can download, install and use it non-commercially and indefinitely. If you want to sell, copy and distribute it, not limited the software-selling, preassemble and tied up and so on, you should get the written permission from Iivview’s website.


  8) For the users who violated the Ivview’s website, we have the right to terminate the user all the services, and the users have to bear all the consequences.


  9) IVVIEW website is responsible for system operation and maintenance, but the consequences for any direct or indirect damage caused does not assume any responsibility, including, but not limited to direct or indirect personal injury, loss of business profits, loss of business information, or any other economic loss.


  10) Because of system maintenance or upgrades, it need to suspend the service, but we will advise in advance. If unforeseen factors cause network outages and it can not provide the service properly, IVVIEW website does not bear any responsibility.


  11) All intellectual property rights of Ivview software, as well as the all relative t information, including but not limited to: written expression, and combinations thereof, graphics, interface design, layout framework, relevant data, additional procedures, documents and other printed materials or electronic are protected by copyright law and other intellectual property laws and regulations. Users can not do reverse engineer to IVVIEW, reverse compile, and shall not alter any of the resources within the program file to compile.


  12) Within the limits prescribed by law, Ivview website have the right to interpret and modify the agreement.