Ivview Introduction


Ivview provides all video surveillance system clients with a platform for WAN access and maintenance. IVV has used the latest technologies of cloud computing, network address translation, automatic network configuration, and network encryption, helping customers to resolve the network device configuration, network security, and complicated network address translation problems. IVV provides customers with the best video surveillance.


Ivview offers multiple technologies which support automatic network configuration and connection. With virtual network technologies, Ivview realizes devices’ auto-registration, grid streaming media’s forwarding, router ports’ auto-mapping, and automatic network configuration. IVV cloud platform has made video surveillance be deployed with ease.


Ivview Main Features


IVV is easy and convenient to be used. No specific expertise is needed to install and operate. All devices will be automatically registered, once they are connected to the Internet and turned on. Users can access to their devices through browsers and mobile devices by using their account name and password.


Users can manage their devices, watch the live videos, share videos to other users, and monitor device operation status through IVV’s services. Video retrieve and backup functions are also provided to all users. IVV supports multiple platforms, allowing users to access from their mobile phones, tablets and computers.