Ivview Service Introduction


Ivv currently provides registered users with functions of automatic device configuration and management (QR code and WAN scan), live video viewing, live video sharing, video local storage and remote playback, video local backup, alert log viewing, video interacting, and device share. Ivv is available for any web browsers (IE(7.0 and above) , 360, Chrome, Opera, Safari, QQ, UC, Sogou, Maxthon, Liebao, Firefox, etc). IVV supports the full series Ivview products. Devices with older version can be updated to the latest version on the website.


There are client applications provided to mobile terminals. The device can be accessed after IVV account is logged in. The client applications with high connection rate will be released soon. Then mobile terminals will be used with great convenience.

Ivview Service List


To meet the real request of user system, Ivview service platform will offer various of service which can be customized, besides offer Internet and website functions. Such as device status surveillance, alarm service, manage service platform etc , all of these service will putaway, so as to users option.